Schindler_newFull compliance with privacy protection regulations and time optimization ensured by the portal for the distribution of employee documents.

With the employee-dedicated portal developed by SB Italia and based on the Docsweb technology, Schindler has solved the problem related to the distribution of confidential documents to its employees.

Schindler, a world leader in urban mobility solutions, deals with the design, installation, maintenance and modernization of elevators, escalators and moving walkways for any type of building, through which it transports every day over 1 billion persons worldwide.

For a long time, the company has been using the Docsweb platform for the workflow management while delegating the mailing of sales invoices (via paper, certified mail, email and the invoicing to PA) and the Legal Archiving of invoices, books of accounts and employee documents to SB Italia Document Service area.

The HR department of the company had the problem resulting from employees located in different areas and countries, to which this department had to deliver monthly the relevant payslips, printed and enveloped.

Besides performing a monthly sorting of payslips and an annual sorting of CU documents (tax documents that employees receive at the end of the tax year from their employer), the company must periodically send its employees general communications, whose distribution requires the execution of manual activities by the HR staff.

For this reason, Schindler required SB Italia an outsourcing and improvement proposal related to the management and control of these documents: the solution included the realization of a dedicated portal, on which the HR staff publishes all employee documents (both related to head office employees and external ones) that are subsequently stored according to law by SB Italia.

The reserved access allows every employee to display and download its monthly payslip and all the documents drawn up by the company.

The employee portal has effectively solved all the difficulties related to the geographical distribution of employees, as each resource receives a notification mail with information about the availability of documents that she/he can display with just a click, at any time and irrespective of where she/he is located.

Moreover, the solution guarantees a full compliance with all privacy regulations, as the access to the portal is profiled and secure: best-of-breed technologies ensure the privacy protection of each single employee.

“The digital document management has helped us to improve the internal efficiency; the portal, realized by SB Italia, has allowed Schindler employees to manage their documents and communications in a more efficient and effective way”, states Stefano Toncelli, Schindler Italia IT Manager.

“Interoperability portals have now an important role in our offering, the market has perfectly understood how these solutions can assist companies in tackling problems arising from resources located in many different places, either they are employees, customers or suppliers”, states Pablo Pellegrini, SB Italia Solution Manager.

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