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"Hospitals are the temples of medicine" - Henry Ernest Sigerist

Solutions and services for healthcare organizations facing the digital transformation.

Support provided to hospitals, clinics and surgeries with regard to their use of digital technologies, integration of new systems with legacy systems and exploitation of the opportunities offered by the ongoing regulatory evolution.

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Measurable results achieved in short time through:

target59 Flexible and innovative technologies
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Application system for managing core clinical processes of healthcare organizations.

Based on next-generation technologies, HDOCS CCE increases the efficiency of all clinical operating areas by providing user-friendly tools that can be tailored to meet the requirements of the medical, paramedical, and administrative staff.

HDOCS CCE is integrated with organization’s legacy IT systems and leverages the mobile technology (tablets, hand-held devices) in order to provide operators with user-friendly tools to be used in the different operating conditions.


  • highly configurable
  • fully compliant with regulations
  • easy-to-use and extremely effective

Key technology features:

  • Natively Web-Based system
  • Configurable in Wizard mode
  • HL7 IHE communication standard
  • Support to Mobile devices, Barcode and RFID readers
  • Integration with Local or Remote Electronic Signature (HSM)
  • Integrable with operating room instruments
  • Integrated ICD9-CM coding

An IT tool supporting Surgical Units (also outpatient units) for the correct filling out and management of the Register of Surgical Operations in accordance with ministerial and regional regulations.

The application envisages the integration with Hospital Systems residing in healthcare organizations; it can be used with PC workstations, mobile devices and tablets connected to a protected wireless network.

The operator interface – Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Nurse – is designed and developed to be used also in touch mode with simple and intuitive commands.

The application keeps track of the steps typical of a surgical operation process; it manages the check list of surgical operations in a completely computerized mode. The whole workflow can be configured to be used by healthcare organization and by ward.

HDOCS FO enables to keep under control the whole surgical operation process from the planning of the operation up to the completion of the surgical event in accordance with the current regulatory obligations.

Through the usage of mobile terminals to monitor the activity progress, HDOCS FO traces the complete path of the surgical procedure while enabling to automatically manage and fill out the Register of Surgical Operations and the collection of all detailed data relevant to the surgical operations performed, including the information about the required histological examinations, the consumption in the operating room, etc.

HDOCS FO enables the use of analysis tools that are useful for all operators and for the Hospital Management. The data collected by the system and the documents produced can be electronically signed and stored with an Electronic Archiving system. Through the usage of standard ICD9-CM coding, the system returns pathology and operation codes enabling an easy filling out of the Hospital Discharge Form. With HDOCS, the management of the Surgical Operation Register has never been so easy.

An integrated document platform resulting from an over ten years’ experience of SB Italia in this industry and from its continuous investments in the design and development of application tools able to support – with state-of-the-art technologies – the opportunities provided by new regulations.

HDOCS DWM enables to create the CDR (Centralized Document Repository), i.e. the possibility to store clinical and administrative data and documents on a single platform, in a unique position so to avoid the duplication of archives and the risk of data misalignment for the benefit of a greater information availability, security and certainty; HDOCS DWM also fosters a higher document integration for the creation of cross-document views and dossiers.

The integrated Workflow engine supports internal authorization processes also with electronic signature or remote digital signature tools. The native Web-based platform enables to use documents also in decentralized environments through secure connections via the Internet. A “Portal” module enables to make the relevant clinical reports accessible to patients via the Web in a protected mode.

The electronic and legal archiving processes of clinical documents can be managed in-house with HDOCS DWM or outsourced to SB Italia which performs the operating management and takes the responsibility for the correct execution of procedures.

Solutions for supporting the activities of administrative and centralized logistics functions; these solutions are seamlessly integrated with IT systems while fully sharing the basic master definitions.

The integration with the Hospital IT System is ensured by the configuration flexibility that allows the healthcare organization to use platforms in a coordinate way, thus avoiding operating redundancies.

The systems manage Administration/Accounting processes with solutions designed to optimize internal processes, especially in case of cross-functional activities.

The management of the centralized logistics enables to activate procurement planning tools according to requests and peripheral consumptions; the traceability of commodities and drugs is guaranteed.

The function set covers all the management processes typical of this specific sector (flows to authorities, management of prostheses and drugs, invoices of intramoenia physicians, etc.).

A set of services and applications designed for the management of the Document Repository (Clinical Data Repository). HDOCS CDS meets the requirements of healthcare organizations that must store great amounts of diagnostic images, clinical reports and administrative documents in compliance with the regulations that protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of information.

The system enables to digitize, archive and manage the workflow of the digital documentation according to the logics defined by each single healthcare organization.

All the authorized employees are allowed to immediately display on the screen the image of the original document, thus analyzing its content and sharing the relevant data with colleagues; in this way the print, duplication and distribution costs relevant to documents are minimized.

HDOCS CDS helps healthcare organizations to effectively organize and manage the electronic archiving processes of administrative and clinical documents.

The core of the solution is a powerful application platform that integrates best-of-breed technologies and enables to operate in full compliance with the reference standards and regulations.



  • Legal Archiving of tax and administrative documents
  • Management and Electronic Archiving of Documents
  • A single platform to manage any type of document
  • Fully compliant with regulations
  • Integrable with legacy business software solutions

An innovative solution based on relational databases that enables to rapidly create an homogeneous database with data provided by different application sources that can be used for the relevant analyses.
HDOCS PI leverages advanced and flexible technologies enabling the creation of best-of-breed control dashboards, without requiring time and cost intensive implementation processes.

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