Process optimization and total elimination of paper documents for the leading company in the Italian catering industry.

The technology and the process review carried out by SB Italia allowed Elior to solve all the problems related to its specific geographical distribution.

The Elior Group, a leading company in the mass catering industry in Italy, was founded in France in 1991. In 2014-15, it recorded a turnover of over 800 million euro with almost 14.000 employees by providing both mass and commercial catering services in Italy. As for the mass catering industry, Elior serves over 113 million customers a year in over 2.000 restaurants and points of sale located in Italy.

During 2013, the company started the process digitization and the document dematerialization; to this end, Elior selected SB Italia as the partner for achieving the key objectives of this large project and decided to adopt the Docsweb platform as an enabling solution.

The Administration area was the first to be involved in the dematerialization process; the company size and the number of documents to be managed necessarily implied the involvement of SB Italia Document Service area: with its services, SB Italia takes charge of the management of all the invoices issued and received by Elior every month, i.e. over 30.000 documents. The purchase invoicing process entails that invoices – after getting posted in the company’s ERP system – are scanned; upon their approval according to the workflow defined by Docsweb, they are sent to the Legal Archiving as provided for by the law.

The sales invoicing process that also entails the new invoicing procedures to the PA is completely outsourced and managed by SB Italia with Docsweb: once the invoice flows are sent from SAP to Docsweb, the platform manages all the invoices and sends them to the PA portal; this process is followed by the Legal Archiving.
In addition to the Administration area, also the HR internal processes have been modified after the kickoff of the digitization project, in particular with regard to the employee file: now, all documents are scanned, indexed and loaded into Docsweb for archiving purposes.

In this context, the role of SB Italia Document Service area has been of paramount importance. With regard to the dematerialization of HR documents – besides dealing with the print and mailing of payslips and unique documents of all Elior employees – SB Italia has managed a huge project related to the recovery of the Italy-wide document history concerning all the HR documents available in the multiple branches located throughout the peninsula. Today, over one million documents have already been digitized, made available for consultation and subsequently sent to Legal Archiving.

“The digitization project started and managed together with SB Italia is in tune with our philosophy of respect for the environment. The review of processes carried out has immediately shown the validity of the choice made; it has resulted in a fast efficiency increase in all activities covered by the project” says Paolo Battarino, Elior Ristorazione IT Manager.

The project carried out in Elior is proof of how technology and methodologies combined together can provide a tangible support for the organization improvement and also for the business strategies of our customers, thus helping to streamline procedures and operations that often involve both many physical and economic resources”, states Pablo Pellegrini, SB Italia Document Management, Workflow & Services Division Manager.

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